More tele jigs and snow

The rain all day Saturday turned into snow Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon I had this view from my shop.

In spite of the cold I managed to get a little bit of work done on the Bill Scheltema neck shaping jig.

I cut out the shaping pucks with my jig saw and then sanded them smooth with the drum sander in the router table.

I drilled the holes with a 3/8″ bit because that’s the size of the bolts that I had on hand.

The base plate is marked and ready to cut as well.

Building a Telecaster pt4

I started working on the neck today.

Made a template from a pattern printout and then transferred that template to 3/4″ pine so I would have a thicker template for the bearing of the pattern bit to follow on the router table.

The template attaches to the back with two screws on the centerline of the neck blank.

The jig I made for radiusing the fretboard has two holes on the centerline as well so the neck stays aligned with the same holes from the template.

I started making a test neck out of a pine 2×4 and most of it went pretty well.

I have a couple of things that I’ll change the order of, including making Bill Scheltema’s neck jig to shape the back of the neck before radiusing the fretboard.

The order will probably go, BS jig for back of neck; router table to reduce headstock thickness, router jig for fretboard radius.