Burnt Guitar

Here I am trying out a variation on a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban.

Sugi, a Japanese Cypress, is scorched on the outside and then treated with oil to make it resistant to bugs and rot.

This is handy when building barns, sheds, fences, etc.

I scorched the outer 1/16 of an inch or so off of this telecaster shaped body that I made out of yellow pine a while back.

After the burning process was finished I scrubbed all the charcoal off with a wire brush and threw a couple of coats of paint on it.

First a few white base coats and then a few coats of semi metallic red auto body paint.

Kind of a fun experiment.




Lyra Baritone Ukulele

I inherited this West German made baritone ukulele from my mom.
It was hers in high school.
I don’t remember her ever playing it when I was younger but it is a nice little instrument and I keep it on top of a shelf in the living room so I can pull it down and play a little whenever the mood strikes me.

Jerome Peter Brown

Jerome Peter Brown


Ibanez RG320 wiring diagram

This wiring diagram also works for many of the other Ibanez RG series guitars with dual humbuckers and the 5 position switch.
The wiring diagram w020003.gif is currently missing from the Ibanez website under the support section.
The split single coil position gives a nice sort of stratocaster sort of sound and the neck pickup coils in parallel sounds nice and mellow, sort of jazzy.

ron kirn tele instructions

Here are some guitar making booklets by the amazing Ron Kirn.

Ron graciously offered to share these books on TDPRI in a thread on the TDPRI discussion forum,


The bookets are hosted here to keep Ron from having to constantly send them out via email.

The Copyright on these booklets and their content belongs to Ron Kirn.

The Homespun Telecaster

Finishing your Guitar With Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer

Shaping the Telecaster Body

Setting up your guitar to professional standards

The Ultimate Strat Guitar

Shaping the Stratocaster body


Thanks to Ronald Winters for helping put the pdf’s in order.