Neck Profile

I took the glue up from my last post and cut it on the table saw to a more workable thickness.

I know it looks like I used the workmate and a handsaw but I really did do it with the old craftsman tablesaw.



Then I ran it under the sanding disc in the RAS to smooth it up.

The disc I have isn’t very even in its pressure and I didn’t keep it moving fast enough so there were some burn marks.

I mounted the neck template and traced the outline.

Like so,


I didn’t get any shots of hacking it out with my jigsaw.

Next I threw a small drum sander in the RAS and sanded close to the line so the router wouldn’t have to take off very much.

Note to self, Buy a robosander.


Since the main part of the neck is two pieces turned 90 degrees to make it quarter sawn the grain at the heel is pretty neat looking but I haven’t gotten a picture of that just yet.


Thinline Tele Pickguard

Worked a little on the pick guard today.

Same old templating stuff really.

I also started taking apart the couch and discovered a nice long piece of maple not quite wide enough for a one piece neck but I might be able to cut and glue to get the width I would need.

V neck profile with explanation

Ok, so if you take a profile and merely scale it up until it is as wide and tall as it needs to be(X and Y scaling) you end up with the wrong shape which is what I did before.

The correct profile shape is the small RED profile in the middle of the graphic.

If you offset this path .875″ so it has the correct overall width you get the large RED outline.

If you take the correct profile shape(small RED) and merely scale it up as a whole you end up with the large BLUE outline.

Then if you simulate the carving process by offsetting the path by -0.875 you end up with the small BLUE outline.

The small blue profile is not what I want but is very close to what I ended up with on my test neck because of the way I merely scaled the graphic from Warmoth’s website.


I think that using the path offset should create the correct size puck for the neck jig but i guess I’ll have to try it out to know for sure.





Neck shaping Jig continued

Still working on the neck shaping jig.

I cut out new pucks with the V shape, sanded them, drilled mounting holes(slotted slightly to allow some adjustment), roughed out another test neck and tried the jig out and it’s getting closer.

Not quite there yet as I still have some work to do in regards to the thickness around the first or second fret so it doesn’t cut so deep compared to the back of the headstock.

Mod Podge

I tried out some Mod Podge yesterday.

Since I’m planning on attaching the cloth from the couch to the top of the Tele I thought I’d give the mod podge a try since it is the traditional method for decoupage.


I took some heavy cloth that we had sitting around and decoupaged it onto a small board.

The podge darkens up the look of the cloth so I’ll have to do some experimenting with the actual cloth from the couch but at this point it looks like it would work well.