Burnt Guitar

Here I am trying out a variation on a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban.

Sugi, a Japanese Cypress, is scorched on the outside and then treated with oil to make it resistant to bugs and rot.

This is handy when building barns, sheds, fences, etc.

I scorched the outer 1/16 of an inch or so off of this telecaster shaped body that I made out of yellow pine a while back.

After the burning process was finished I scrubbed all the charcoal off with a wire brush and threw a couple of coats of paint on it.

First a few white base coats and then a few coats of semi metallic red auto body paint.

Kind of a fun experiment.




ron kirn tele instructions

Here are some guitar making booklets by the amazing Ron Kirn.

Ron graciously offered to share these books on TDPRI in a thread on the TDPRI discussion forum,


The bookets are hosted here to keep Ron from having to constantly send them out via email.

The Copyright on these booklets and their content belongs to Ron Kirn.

The Homespun Telecaster

Finishing your Guitar With Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer

Shaping the Telecaster Body

Setting up your guitar to professional standards

The Ultimate Strat Guitar

Shaping the Stratocaster body


Thanks to Ronald Winters for helping put the pdf’s in order.

tdpri 2012


Neck Profile

I took the glue up from my last post and cut it on the table saw to a more workable thickness.

I know it looks like I used the workmate and a handsaw but I really did do it with the old craftsman tablesaw.



Then I ran it under the sanding disc in the RAS to smooth it up.

The disc I have isn’t very even in its pressure and I didn’t keep it moving fast enough so there were some burn marks.

I mounted the neck template and traced the outline.

Like so,


I didn’t get any shots of hacking it out with my jigsaw.

Next I threw a small drum sander in the RAS and sanded close to the line so the router wouldn’t have to take off very much.

Note to self, Buy a robosander.


Since the main part of the neck is two pieces turned 90 degrees to make it quarter sawn the grain at the heel is pretty neat looking but I haven’t gotten a picture of that just yet.