Neck Profile

I took the glue up from my last post and cut it on the table saw to a more workable thickness.

I know it looks like I used the workmate and a handsaw but I really did do it with the old craftsman tablesaw.



Then I ran it under the sanding disc in the RAS to smooth it up.

The disc I have isn’t very even in its pressure and I didn’t keep it moving fast enough so there were some burn marks.

I mounted the neck template and traced the outline.

Like so,


I didn’t get any shots of hacking it out with my jigsaw.

Next I threw a small drum sander in the RAS and sanded close to the line so the router wouldn’t have to take off very much.

Note to self, Buy a robosander.


Since the main part of the neck is two pieces turned 90 degrees to make it quarter sawn the grain at the heel is pretty neat looking but I haven’t gotten a picture of that just yet.


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