V neck profile with explanation

Ok, so if you take a profile and merely scale it up until it is as wide and tall as it needs to be(X and Y scaling) you end up with the wrong shape which is what I did before.

The correct profile shape is the small RED profile in the middle of the graphic.

If you offset this path .875″ so it has the correct overall width you get the large RED outline.

If you take the correct profile shape(small RED) and merely scale it up as a whole you end up with the large BLUE outline.

Then if you simulate the carving process by offsetting the path by -0.875 you end up with the small BLUE outline.

The small blue profile is not what I want but is very close to what I ended up with on my test neck because of the way I merely scaled the graphic from Warmoth’s website.


I think that using the path offset should create the correct size puck for the neck jig but i guess I’ll have to try it out to know for sure.





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